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Mig-29 We organize and carry out flights to the modern jet fighters MIG-29 for tourists from Russia and the European countries in Nizhny Novgorod (400 km from Moscow) on the basis of the Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Plant ”Sokol”. Flying on MiG-29 - is a fashionable and modern trend of the VIP - rest or the VIP - tourism, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world. If earlier to look at the Earth from the stratosphere from the height of 22-23 km, and almost see what they see astronauts, was the prerogative of military pilots, but now each of wealthy tourists can see the Earth from space, and almost on a moment to join the ”star elite ”. Аfter seeing the black space, the brightest sun and the horizon of the planet Earth, you will not remain indifferent and disappointed, and the flight on MiG remains in your memory forever! There are a lot of reasons for committing the flight on the MiG-29 among our customers - the desire to test themselves and get a lot of unforgettable sensations (recorded on video), thereby somehow differentiate themselves from their environment or the desire to make a decent gift for a gift certificate for an anniversary or significant date their commercial partner or loved one. At the same time the flight will be a great gift for women who successfully rise to jets MiG-29 into the stratosphere and get a real pleasure, or perform a variety of aerobatic maneuvers and maneuvers on the MiG-29 and at medium altitudes. The flight is performed by test pilot 1st class, instructor, who have access to such flights. Flight program for the MiG-29 is individually, accordingly during the flight from 25 to 50 minutes. The cost of the flight is different for each type of the airplane. The most popular flight program on the MiG-29 among the Russians: - Flight of the stratosphere (18-19 km) on the MiG-29 with the performance of complex aerobatic maneuvers after airplane declining The flight and aerobatics on a combat fighter the MiG-29 Prises on flights to the MiG-29 for 2016 1. The flight to the stratosphere and aerobatics on the MiG-29 (45 min) - 800 000 rubles (Flight of the stratosphere (18-19 km) on a fighter with the performance of complex aerobatic maneuvers after declining airplane) (Unique Program.) 2. MIG-29 aerobatics (20-25 min) - 550 000 rubles. (Flight into the zone, the simple and complex aerobatics, flying in a circle, passes over the runway, landing) 3. MIG-29 aerobatics (40-45 min) - 650 000 rubles. (Flight of the zone, the simple and complex aerobatics at medium altitudes, passes over the runway, landing)

Helicopter flight We are pleased to offer you a truly unforgettable service - flight over the Moscow region in a helicopter. During the flight, you can slowly see overboard scenery. You can fly alone, and with the company. In difference from jet airplanes flying in a helicopter, you can bring your children. Helicopter tour is the perfect combination of adventure and travel. Today we can offer you several options for helicopter trips: Dmitrovskie domes True connoisseurs of architecture will also appreciate the beautiful views of the Kremlin and the Cathedral of the Assumption, Boris and Gleb Monastery in Dmitrov town, the Saviour monastery Blachernae in Dedenevo, Trinity Cathedral in Yakhroma. From the height the domes are presented as a beacons for the enthusiastic audience. Flight Price: 40 000 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 60 minutes Yakhroma-Life Yakhromy neighborhood is known as a place where there was a decisive battle for the approaches to Moscow in December 1941. It is here that the enemy reversed. Now Yakhroma - the center of leisure and sports. People come here to enjoy the spectacular scenery and recharge your vitality. flight cost 51 000 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 80 minutes Losiniy island On the territory of the national park Losinoostrovsky almost unchanged extant and preserved in its natural state historical complexes and individual monuments, beautiful churches, mansions and churches. Nature park from an unusual angle and the height of the flight will not leave you indifferent. flight cost 26 400 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 40 minutes Kolomna Kolomna - one of the most picturesque and ancient cities near Moscow. The main architectural attraction in the city is the Kremlin - a perfect example of ancient architecture. Do not forget about other equally important buildings of the city, which you can admire from the heights. flight cost 71 100 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 120 minutes Sergiev Posad A fascinating tour of the most beautiful city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. During the flight, you will also enjoy views of the National Park ”Losiniy Island”, Pestovo reservoir, will be able to admire the manor ”Sofrino”, and, of course, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Flight Price: 43 000 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 70 minutes Moscow Ring Road with bird’s-eye view During this walk you will be able to survey the entire Moscow Ring Road from a bird’s flight, completely pass over the traffic jams and enjoy the view of Moscow on the one hand and the surrounding scenic area. flight cost 29 600 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 45 minutes Sightseeing flight During this walk you will be able to survey the entire Moscow Ring Road from a bird’s flight, completely pass over the traffic jams and enjoy the view of Moscow on the one hand and the surrounding scenic area. flight cost 10 700 rubles. Max persons: 3 Flight time: 15 minutes In the price includes of flights: - Instructing; - Flying on Robinson R44 helicopter on the flight route. You can also offer your itinerary and we will calculate everything and will make individually. A helicopter flight - is the fastest and most convenient way to get to the airport or in the suburbs. You will be completely independent of the situations on the road.

L-39 flight The preparatory stage of the preparation for the flight by plane L-39 takes about 40 minutes. Customer talks with the pilot about the flight program, talks with doctor about the state of his health. Pilot tells about L-39 planes, aerobatics, which are planned to to commit, shows the main details and aircraft components. Then, customer will be put into the cab of the second pilot and pilot will demonstrate the basic airplane control devices and explain the course of action in case of any unexpected situations. Directly flight from take-off until landing takes 30 or 60 minutes. It depends on the chosen program. During the flight you will be showcased almost all the aerobatics: drums, turns, turns, inverted flight, loop, and others. Customer will also be given the opportunity to occasionally control the plane under the pilot’s control. After the successful landing the client is awarded a commemorative certificate abour commition the flight on A-39. Flights on A-39 are popular because it can perform almost all aerobatic maneuvers, but by more acceptable price, considering the fact that it is not modern fighters but military training jets. L-39 is a double training jet plane, which is intended for flights in simple and adverse weather conditions, day and night, performing aerobatic maneuvers. By constructive scheme plane is a cantilever all-metal monoplane with low-wing trapezoidal shape. The plumage of the aircraft consists of a trapezoidal wing with steering wheel mounted on the rear fuselage. Landing gear - tricycle with nose wheel. Main landing gear retracted into the wing, front pillar - into the forward fuselage. In the front part of the fuselage are located hermetic cabins. The cabins are equipped with a set of oxygen equipment and have air-conditioning system, which ensures the normal operation of the crew on the high altitude and allows to transfer easily allowable operating overload using the pilots of special equipment. Ejection seats are installed in cabins, which allows the crew to leave the aircraft in case of emergency. Alarm, radio-electronic and radio equipment of the airplane provides the ability to perform flights day and night in adverse weather conditions. The cost of flying on a jet plane L-39 is : 75 000 RUR. - 30 min. flight 135 000 rubles. - 60 min. flight 155 000 rubles. - Doubles flight (on two planes) 30 min. This price includes: - Making passes at the airport and all the official permits for flight; - Instructing with the pilot, a medical examination at the doctor; - Take-off, flying and landing according to flight program; - Occasional control of the airplane by the client under the supervision of the pilot; Presentation of the commemorative certificate the commission the flight In addition, our company can offer: - Transfer from Moscow to the place of execution of flights on the L-39; - Lunch at the air base after the flight; - Video shot from the cab of the flight. Payment is 100% non-cash advance payment by bank transfer or cash at company’s office. Payment terms are consistent with supervising managers. About registration and reservations: - The minimum deadline for submitting documents for the flight by Russian citizens 5-7 business days, foreign citizens - 10 working days. The flights are carried out on Saturday and Sunday

L-29 flight Flights for tourists on a jet plane L-29 are carried out near Moscow (about 45 minutes by car). At the request of the tourists we can additionally organize video shooting of the flight. Flights is performed by a professional instructor pilot of the first class. PROGRAMMS OF FLIGHTS TO A-29: ”Normal flight” 20 minutes: takeoff, climb, a reversal, passage at low altitudes, combat turn, landing approach, landing. Cost of flight - 35 000 rubles ”Flight into the zone on a simple aerobatics” 30 minutes: take off, looking at piloting zone, in the zone are performed only horizontal figures (turns with a roll of 45-60 degrees, the barrel left and right, nosedive, slide on the corners 20-30 degrees); landing approach, landing. Cost of flight - 45 000 rubles. ”Flying in the zone the complex aerobatics” 40 minutes: take off, leaving into the zone to climb, are performed both horizontal and vertical aerobatics (nosedive, combat turn, and a set of ”coup-loop-half-loop”, barrels, a downward spiral ) landing approach, landing. Cost of flight - 65 000 rubles. The flight program on a jet plane L-29 (performed aerobatics) may be discussed at location with the pilot who will tell about the extent of overload in their implementation and be able to recommend something according to the your wishes for flight. Each of the programs provides an opportunity to control the plane by yourself to feel all the charm of a flight on a jet plane! After the flight, you and your friends and relatives can take pictures in cab an airplane L-29 and near it, so be sure to bring your camera. This flight can give as a gift for a gift certificate! We offer to amateurs of aviation a unique jet aircraft L-29 which isregistered in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the Russian Federation. Today it is one of the two airplanes of this type, located in the Moscow region, registered by private owners and have a valid ”Certificate of Airworthiness” (inspection). In other words, this airplane L-29 rises into the air on a completely legitimate. L-29 since 1991, withdrawn from service the Russian Air Force, so all existing copies are in private hands, and are generally abroad. In addition, the L-29 is an accredited party to the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011, and even now has several sponsorship offers to participate in the air show MAKS-2015.

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